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Nearly one hundred people arrested for distributing false documents in support of irregular migration


In cooperation with the National Police Turkish policearrested 90 people for distributing false documents in support of irregular migration. The organization attracted its customers. social networks In Spain, when they received half of the payment for the document, they produced it in Istanbul, and the rest of the payment was paid within seven days before shipment.

They submitted different documents; For passports of 1,000 euros, residence permits of 750 euros, Schengen visas of 500 euros and roaming permits of 350 euros, the benefits for the organization are estimated to exceed 1,000,000 euros. Arrests have occurred 26 provinces, between alicante, They are charged with membership of a criminal organization, forged documents, crimes against the rights of foreign nationals, usurpation of civil status and crimes against traffic safety. Representatives interfered with 71 fake documents, 4 thousand 300 euros in cash, various electronic devices and various documents. The operation was carried out in cooperation with the Turkish police.

The criminal organization was presented through social networks, where they advertised videos displaying fake documents in order to pass through the Schengen area and thereby attract interested customers.

When the customer contacted the network via social networks, he asked for their phone number to be able to contact the producers of the fake documents set up in Istanbul. In order to execute the document and make half of the payment through an international money transfer company, they asked the customer for personal data via instant messaging.

When the production was finished, they sent a photo to his cell phone, paid the remaining money and sent it by courier to the members of the organization in Spain within seven days.

The criminal organization consisted of members divided into two branches of criminal activity: one had the functions of receiving and collecting money. Customers in Spain, mostly of Syrian origin, also from Algeria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Morocco.

Another with the function of sending fake documents to Spain, consisting of Syrian nationals and operating from their own centers for the production of fake documents in Istanbul. For this reason, a continuous exchange of information and various meetings were held with the Turkish Police.

Syrian fraudsters have mastered any kind of documents they can reproduce, residence permits from community countries for 750 euros, Schengen visas for 500 euros, roaming permits for 350 euros and passports for 1,000 euros. Representatives estimate that they managed to bring more than 700 packages with fake documents to our country, so the organization may have made a profit of more than one million euros.

90 people were arrested in Alicante (10), Almería (18), Badajoz (2), Cádiz (3), Cáceres (1), Castellón (2), Córdoba (1), Cuenca (1), 26 provinces of Spain. Gerona (2), Gran Canaria (2), Granada (1), Guadalajara (1), Guipúzcoa (6), Huelva (7), Madrid (9), Malaga (1), Murcia (9), Balearic Islands ( 1 ), Lérida (2), Palencia (1), Pontevedra (1), Soria (1), Sevilla (1), Tarragona (1), Valencia (5) and Vizcaya (1), membership in a criminal organization, fake documentary , offenses against the rights of foreign citizens, usurpation of civil status and offenses against traffic safety.

The National Police intervened in 71 fake documents including identity documents, passports, driver’s licenses and residence permits from Spain (26), France (9), Italy (8), Belgium (9), Germany (1), Hungary. 10), Netherlands (1), Switzerland (1), Bulgaria (3), Morocco (2) and Algeria (1). 4,300 euros in cash, electronic devices – mobile phones, tablets, cameras – and various documents related to the investigation.

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