Korkino administration will pay 2 million rubles to 11-year-old girl bitten by dogs

In the Chelyabinsk region, a lawsuit was filed against the Korkino administration demanding 2 million rubles for non-pecuniary damage to the female student who was attacked by the dogs. portal reports Bee referring to the press service of the regional supervisory authority.

The attack took place on February 16, 2022, near the house number 5 on Keramikov Street. Aggressive stray dogs attacked an 11-year-old girl walking to school and bit her. As a result of the incident, the child, who had many head and torso injuries, was taken to a health institution.

“According to the expert’s conclusion, the minor had multiple injuries classified as serious harm to health. As a result of a dog being bitten on the small side, moral harm also occurred, which is expressed as moral pain, psychological stress and physical pain,” he said.

A herd of pit bulls was previously reported in the United States. bitten to death old man.

Source: Gazeta


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