Sentenced to 19 years in prison for murdering Esther Escobar in the middle of the street in Madrid

this The Madrid Court sentenced a Spanish national to 19 years in prison for killing a Paraguayan woman he met at a stewardess club in Madrid’s Linear district in February 2020 with a bullet in the head in the middle of the street. Because the city refused to have a romantic relationship with him.

The sentence Efe reaches condemns Antonio L. po.r crimes of murder and illegal possession of weapons, for this, he must serve 17 and two years in prison, respectively.

The court for the murder of Esther Escobar,the presence of an aggravating condition of gender and the passionate state and the extenuating circumstances of confession.

same wayor the convict must reimburse the victim’s eight relatives – four daughters, two sisters and their parents – for a total of 453,000 euros and will remain on probation for eight years.

According to the verdict of the popular jury adopted on 13 July unanimously guilty Antonio L., The sentence feels proven that after being emotionally rejected by Esther Escobar, she didn’t accept it and killed him by squeezing him in the head.

add start friendly relationship in July 2019, That the victim ended in February 2020, because the prisoner wanted to start a romantic relationship, which he did not agree with.

Antonio L., without accepting the woman’s position and “not realizing that he had to be alone with her”, met with her on February 26 and, acting “surprisingly” and depriving her of any means of defense, shot her in the head with a pistol. , on the Virgen de los Reyes street in Madrid, according to the sentence.

“The accused murdered Esther Escobar for ending their friendly relationship (…) and for refusing to accept rejection, and tried to impose himself on her to be subordinated to her because of her female dominance.” he adds.

It also reflects that at the time of the events the convicted person was “markedly stunned” by the rejection he had suffered, and therefore a state of mitigating passion was considered.

Esther Escobar was a 40-year-old mother of four daughters, one of whom was a minor.

Antonio L. retracted his statement in the case where he confessed to the crime he had committed to the agents before him in Albacete, where, according to his own account, the club’s owners had fled for fear that he would also kill him. where the victim works.

Albacete police reported at the hearing that the defendant confessed to ending the life of Esther, with whom he was in a relationship, because she was “tired” of serving other men.

The prosecutor’s office demanded a prison sentence of 26 and a half years for the convict, while Juan Manuel Medina, the lawyer of the private prosecution conducted by the victim’s family, demanded 27 years in prison.

Source: Informacion


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