Arrested after stabbing another man three times and running away in Alcoy

a man 32 years old Detained by agents of the National Police alcohol for attempted murder. The man waited at a door near the victim’s house for him to return home, inflicting three stab wounds to his neck, abdomen, and hips, and then fled.

The attack, which was in serious condition, was joined by people on the terrace of a nearby bar, demanding the immediate presence of police and paramedics. A man of Moroccan nationality, the alleged perpetrator, was arrested after being identified, placed on guard duty at the Alcoy Number One Order Court, and ordered to be placed in precautionary detention for an unlawful attempted murder.

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Steps were taken by investigators of the Alcoy Police Station Forensic Police Brigade to identify the aggressor, confirming through eyewitness testimony that both the attacker and the victim had previously had various disagreements in certain passages. , the last one just a few hours ago.

The National Police reported through CIMACC Room 091 in Alicante that in a central street of this town, a person apparently was attacked with a knife by another person and fled, On arrival, agents confirmed such facts, also urgently transported due to injuries caused by the attacker and the severity of the victim’s condition, which subsequently needs surgery.

Source: Informacion


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