Andrey Vorobyov and the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation discussed the improvement of forest parks

The Moscow Region and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources will interact even more effectively on environmental issues. This was agreed by the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov and the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation Alexander Kozlov at a meeting that took place in the Odintsovo city park named after Malevich.

The press service of the governor and government of the Moscow region reported that the head of the region and the minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation discussed the green agenda of the Moscow region – the development of forest parks, its implementation. sanitary and recreational activities

Andrei Vorobyov noted that forests occupy almost half of the territory of the Moscow region and spread throughout the city. The task is to equip them with comfort for people, but without harm to nature. The governor stressed that 50 forest parks will be converted in five years.

“We understand how important it is to maintain order in the forests. Everything about cleanliness, maintenance, because ecology is invaluable, especially in a metropolis. We all appreciate it, we value it, ”said Vorobyov.

He noted that a new program “Parks in the Forest” was launched in the Moscow region last year. Places where people rest in the wild become comfortable and well-groomed.

“To meet the demand of residents, conditions for walking and having a good time with family and friends need to be created,” the district president said. Said.

Since the beginning of the program, nine forest parks have been organized in the Moscow region, located in Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Domodedovo, Leninsky, Mozhaisk, Kotelniki, Balashikha.

“From restrooms to cafes or rental homes, there should be basic amenities. And we’re seeing the popularity of our parks grow exponentially. There is no exaggeration here, this is a fact, ”Vorobyev emphasized.

This year, the transformation of forest parks in Lobnya, Elektrostal, Balashikha will be completed, and in 2023 – in the Leninsky district, Lyubertsy, Podolsk, Fryazino, Khimki.

“The appearance of the Moscow region is changing, it is comfortable to live here, regardless of the fact that there is a large metropolis nearby, which adds to its pros and cons,” he said. Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Noting that it is necessary to develop separate and unique solutions for the improvement of forest parks, he assured that the department would fully cooperate and assist the regional authorities.

“This is our common task, because everything is done for the people who live here,” said Alexander Kozlov.

Concluding the meeting, Vorobyov said that the improvement of forest parks is a cost-effective task that requires maximum protection of nature.

“Ecology in the metropolis is priceless,” the governor summed up.

Source: Gazeta


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