List of drinks you can drink in hot weather 12:28

In hot weather, it is best to drink table mineral water, lightly brewed tea, unsweetened homemade lemonade, fermented milk drinks and low-sugar kvass, – Yulia Chekhonina, doctor-nutritionist at the Clinical Nutrition Clinic of the Federal Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology Information, told

“The most important drink in hot weather is, of course, water. However, considering that we lose some minerals with increased sweating, it is recommended to drink table mineral water. Such a drink will contribute positively to maintaining water and electrolyte balance, so excessive fluid loss will not harm health. However, they should not be confused with medical drugs, which are used only according to the prescription of the attending physician,” Chekhonina said.

Also, according to the expert, chilled, slightly brewed black or green tea and homemade drinks, such as fruit drinks, compotes and lemonades without added sugar, quench your thirst well.

“Unsweetened fermented milk drinks such as kefir or yogurt are also suitable for quenching thirst and partially satisfying hunger. Kvass may be suitable, but it is better to choose the one with the lowest sugar content,” concluded the nutritionist.

Formerly a doctor listed Medicines that increase the risk of developing diabetes.

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Source: Gazeta


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