Adara feels violated and explodes: “We are losing our minds…”

Adara Molinero continues to make people talk despite being expelled from Supervivientes All Stars days ago. Of course, it was a surprise to some extent was first eliminated from the reality show TelecincoBut it’s equally true that this is a star-studded competition and someone has to be the first to be sent off.

Adara was the first to lose From this special edition of one of Mediaset’s most successful competitions. But the famous phenomenon and reality contestant had a bad time on the show, especially after suffering an acute allergic reaction. And that fact meant that the blow of leaving Survivors so early was not just that, it became a blow. a relief for the influencer.

After Adara came the expulsion of Olga Moreno. His ex-wife Antonio David Flores He had already faced Adara in the first round of voting and emerged victorious, but he failed to win the second round against Jorge Pérez and became the second contestant to be eliminated. All Stars survivors.

Although she has been away from the program for days, Adara is still very much involved in the Telecinco reality show. She has raised so much dust after calling him a “bad guy” Sofía Suescun has come under fire from Navarrese supporters.

Support for Adara and Olga Moreno

But not only that. Adara publicly supports Olga Moreno In his candidacy against Jorge Pérez. And this has earned him a lot of criticism for supporting the person who many who defended Rocío Carrasco in her complaints of mistreatment against Antonio David accuse of collaborating with the indirect violence allegation. Because? Because there is a theory that Olga Moreno collaborated with Antonio David to separate her two children, David and Rocío Flores, from Rocío Carrasco.

For this reason, Adara’s support for Olga Moreno, who once showed her support for Rocío Carrasco in public harassment complaints, is being criticized a lot in the networks. And it is precisely this barrage of criticism, Adara blasted Molinero.

The first player to be expelled from Supervivientes All Stars has said enough and wants to settle the matter by making it clear that he only showed his support for Olga Moreno in the context of her candidacy for the program. Adara wanted to clarify: “We are truly losing our minds. This is a competition! My support for one person not being expelled doesn’t mean anything else.”

The influencer had let the issue slip by, publicly declaring her support for Olga Moreno, explaining that the past of Antonio David’s ex-wife had nothing to do with her decision. “There were only two people who supported me by hugging me and being there for me. One of them was Olga. In the competition, as in life, my emotions guide me and that makes me feel good. I vote for the save,” he said. “I don’t care about his past, I care about how he is with me,” she said.

In any case, all the nuances have not been able to prevent the storm of criticism and the issue of Rocío Carrasco is still very hot among Telecinco viewers.

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