Telecinco cancels Supervivientes All Stars

Telecinco has decided to make a very important change in broadcasting. Survivors All the starsAs we can read in El Televisero, the channel has chosen to suspend the premiere of ‘Conexión Honduras’, presented by Sandra Barneda and scheduled for next Sunday, July 14, due to the Euro 2024 final.

The decision is directly linked to La Roja’s surprising victory over France in Tuesday’s semi-final, a result that saw Spain qualify for the tournament’s grand final twelve years after winning the European Championship.

The semi-final match attracted over 11.5 million viewers, achieving a staggering viewership rating.71.7% screen uota in La 1 TVEAccording to the television news channel, it was the most watched match of the Spanish National Team since 2021, reaching its best sharing index since 2012. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Fuencarral network decided to save the bullet for Supervivientes, as it is one of the formats that brings the most viewers to the network.

At Telecinco, they know that the expected audience figures for the European Cup final could be much higher than for the semi-finals. Not only that, we have to take into account that the match will start at 21:00, so in these types of championships the match can go to extra time or even penalties to know the winner. And it doesn’t end there, after the game and The presentation of the trophy may lead to the match being broadcast until after midnight.

Previous programming changes

In this context, just as Antena 3 did last Friday with the semi-final ‘Your face feels like 11’ before the quarter-finals, Telecinco concluded that the most logical thing to do was to cancel the broadcast of ‘Survivientes All Stars’ : Conexión Honduras’ and reschedule it to a different date.

Telecinco has not yet confirmed on what date Sandra Barneda’s program will air or if it will be canceled, but according to the logic of the other days, it is expected that the program will be moved to Monday, July 15, competing with ‘El Grand’. The Prix’ is on TVE as it is this week. If this change happens, Survivientes All Stars will most likely air back-to-back on Monday and Tuesday.

This reshuffle in programming highlights the importance of the Euro Cup to Spanish audiences and how major sporting events can affect television scheduling. Aware of the impact of the finale, Telecinco decided to adapt its strategy to prevent a possible drop in audience ratings for one of its star programs.

The Euro 2024 final promises to be a hugely important event for football fans in Spain. The anticipation and excitement is palpable as La Roja seek victory after twelve years, with television networks adjusting their programming to maximise their reach and not lose the public’s attention.

Telecinco’s changes to the Supervivientes All Stars programme reflect a strategic decision to protect its content and ensure that its viewers can enjoy both events without losing any. Television continues to adapt to the preferences and expectations of its viewers, which means that major sporting events have a significant impact on programming and media consumption in Spain.

Source: Informacion


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