Nutritionist explains how chocolate affects sexual power 08:00

Nutritionist Natalya Kruglova told that chocolate is not an aphrodisiac and cannot have a positive effect on the reproductive system. She noted that excessive consumption of sugar and chocolate can negatively affect potency.

“It is a myth that chocolate is an aphrodisiac in terms of its effect on potency. Sometimes an excessive amount of chocolate or added sugar in the diet can, on the contrary, negatively affect potency. If this is a moderate consumption, we are more likely not to see an effect on the reproductive system. In the case of excessive chocolate or other foods containing sugar, there will most likely be a negative effect,” he said.

Kruglova noted that when choosing chocolate, attention should be paid to the amount of cocoa in it. At the same time, dark chocolate is healthier than other varieties.

“In terms of benefits, bitter, dark chocolate has many advantages, including its antioxidant content. If a person does not like bitter chocolate at all, if it absolutely does not satisfy the need for sweetness, then you can use ordinary chocolate varieties, classic milk chocolate. It is more a matter of quantity. If chocolate is included in the diet in moderation, not exceeding 10% of the total daily calorie intake, it can be a completely healthy diet. Chocolate contains some micronutrients: magnesium, potassium and antioxidants,” he concluded.

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 11. It originated in France in 1995. Now various festivals, fairs and master classes are held on the holiday in different countries.

It was known before how long it would take The price has increased chocolate in Russia since the beginning of the year.

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Source: Gazeta


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