A SVO participant was detained for child abuse and released in the courtroom. 08:00

A court in the Republic of Adygea sentenced a military man who had intimate correspondence with a 13-year-old girl and touched her buttocks to a suspended sentence. This is stated in the decision of the Maikop Garrison Military Court, reviewed by socialbites.ca.

The document states that military officer Magamet Datkhuzhev met a schoolgirl in the village of Tabachny in September last year. He took her home and exchanged phone numbers with her. Then Datkhuzhev communicated with the girl via messenger for about a month on intimate topics, asking her to send him photos of herself in underwear. He corresponded from an account called “Ivan Ivanov”; the schoolgirl called him “Maga” when communicating.

The girl’s connections with the military man became known thanks to her classmates who found correspondence on her phone and sent screenshots to the class teacher. Later, the girl’s mother, who learned about the incident, contacted the police.

The victim told the investigator that when they met, she told Datkhuzhev that she was studying at school, but did not specify how old she was or what grade she was in. She accepted the soldier’s offer to give her a ride because she had to be home by ten in the evening, at her mother’s request. After getting out of Datkhuzhev’s car, Datkhuzhev hugged her and stroked the back of her thigh. The schoolgirl corresponded with the defendant for a month, but then stopped communicating “due to vulgarity in correspondence.”

Datkhuzhev himself told the court that he did not plead guilty to committing indecent acts against a minor. The verdict noted that the victim was taller than the soldier and “looked much older than her real age.” Therefore, Datkhuzhev believed that the girl “had already reached the age of 14.”

The court took into account the victim’s external characteristics and behavior, the “insignificant period of communication” between the defendant and the defendant, the defendant’s level of education and lack of experience in communicating with children. The court concluded that the soldier did not consider that the girl was under 14 years old, and that “Datkhuzhev’s intention to commit immoral acts was directed against the victim, since the girl was 14 years old.”

The defendant was also accused of leaving the military unit without permission in November last year. He pleaded guilty to this charge. Taking into account the extenuating circumstances of this charge, as well as shell shock, voluntary enlistment in military service under contract and the awarding of the Zhukov medal, the court sentenced Datkhuzhev to a suspended sentence of five and a half years, with a probationary period of three years. The fighter was released at the courthouse.

It was previously known that there are taxi drivers in Saratov Convict For harassing a 16-year-old passenger.

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Source: Gazeta


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