Copenhagen authorities to offer free lunch to tourists participating in cleanup 15:53

In Copenhagen, tourists are being offered to participate in clean-up days in exchange for free tours and lunches. This was reported Web site Tourism Office of the Danish capital.

Aiming to change the mindset of tourists, the CopenPay pilot project was developed by the tourism department to encourage them to make greener choices. Tourists will now be rewarded for participating in environmental activities such as cycling, participating in community clean-ups or volunteering at local farms.

The city learned that 82% of visitors say they want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but only 22% have changed their behavior to meet their standards. CopenPay is expected to help city visitors close the huge gap between their desire to act sustainably and their actual behavior. In return for helping Copenhagen preserve its ecology, tourists will receive free museum access, kayaking, and even a free vegetarian lunch.

“For us, the main goal is to make travel environmentally friendly. We want visitors to make conscious, sustainable choices and hopefully have a much more enjoyable travel experience as a result. With CopenPay, we aim to encourage sustainable behavior among tourists while enriching their cultural experiences,” says the CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen.

The CopenPay program will run from July 15 to August 11. Those wishing to participate will be asked to provide “proof” of participation, such as a photo of themselves riding a bike.

They decided earlier in the German city pay the locals for voluntary rejection of cars.

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Source: Gazeta


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