Russian fighters to be taught to shoot down drones with small arms 05:33

Russian Armed Forces soldiers will be trained to shoot down drones on the front lines using smoothbore rifles. This was reported by DEA News Ministry of Defense.

The corresponding high-speed shooting skills will be developed by the unit’s cover fighters. It is noted that the destruction of small UAVs by air defense forces is not economically profitable.

“The first practical training course on countering small unmanned aerial vehicles using bench-firing exercises with smoothbore rifles was completed for instructors of the Moscow Military District at the Alabino training ground near Moscow,” the ministry said.

According to the instructor with the call sign “Grandfather”, the main difficulty in training is to develop the skills of shooting with foresight, that is, taking into account the target’s flight path.

It is emphasized that electronic warfare systems continue to be the main tool in the fight against UAVs.

“We teach according to the system: detect, suppress and then destroy with smoothbore weapons,” said the instructor, who bears the call sign “Grump”.

After completing the training, the instructors will be sent behind the air defense zone to train air protection experts for artillery, attack and reconnaissance units.

Before that, Russian fighters was shot A drone belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Belgorod region with small arms fire.

Previously in Russia was created a new cartridge with increased penetration for small arms.

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Source: Gazeta


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