Vilnius to allocate money for implementation of counter-mobility measures on the border of the Russian Federation and Belarus 03:21

Lithuanian authorities plan to allocate more than €17 million for the implementation of counter-mobility measures in the regions bordering Russia and Belarus, this was reported by the Lithuanian government, citing a government decree recorded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence. DEA News.

In Vilnius, it was calculated that the implementation of military countermobility measures specified in the draft resolution would require approximately EUR 17.56 million. This amount is planned to be allocated over three years. This year, approximately EUR 3 million will be spent from the State Defence Fund.

According to Lithuanian Defence Minister Laurynas Kasciunas, €600 million is planned to be spent on counter-mobility vehicles.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in June in the name Building a defensive perimeter along the European Union’s border with Russia and Belarus to protect the alliance from military threats and “other harmful activities” from Moscow.

Previously Lithuania accused Russian plane violates airspace.

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Source: Gazeta


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