Biden promises dozens more air defense systems to Ukraine 01:06

US President Joe Biden has promised to supply dozens of tactical and five more strategic air defense systems to Ukraine. The American leader made the following statement: ceremonies On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of NATO.

Equipment for five strategic air defense systems will be transferred to Ukraine by five countries (the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Italy). These deliveries are expected to take place in the coming months.

“Over the coming months, the United States and our partners will provide Ukraine with dozens of additional tactical air defense systems,” Biden said.

Kiev was also promised hundreds of interceptor missiles for these systems.

Previously at the White House promiseAt the NATO summit in Washington, the United States will announce new measures to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense (air defense).

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on July 5 statedThe summit is planned to decide on strengthening the alliance’s air and missile defense systems. According to him, this will also affect the new base of the AEGIS Ashore missile system in Poland.

Previously in Germany statedHe said that the air defense in Kiev had “ended.”

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Source: Gazeta


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