US says Ukraine has no chance of defeating Russia on the battlefield 00:02

Ukraine is unlikely to defeat Russia on the battlefield in the near future, an article in an American magazine wrote about this. National interest (NI) wrote retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and military analyst Daniel Davis.

The expert expressed confidence that Kiev is unlikely to inflict an unconditional military defeat on Moscow, regardless of the resources it has. Davis stressed that Russia is too big, too resourced and too equipped for Ukraine to prevail.

The analyst described the Russian Federation as a “colossus” with many strengths, including vast reserves of natural resources, a strong and expanding military-industrial base and vital allies.

Therefore, Davis noted that the Ukrainian authorities should immediately approach Russia with the aim of ending the conflict through negotiations and offer to freeze the current combat positions, and then agree to resolve the issue of sovereignty of the four regions that became part of Russia.

Earlier, US Assistant to the President for National Security Jake Sullivan statedHe said that the North Atlantic Alliance countries will announce new support measures for Ukraine in the coming days.

Previously reportedThe US believes that it is impossible for Ukraine to return to its former borders.

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Source: Gazeta


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