Scientists have found the mechanism underlying cell aging 18:14

Scientists from the University of Queensland and the University of California have discovered that the process of changing gene activity from birth to old age is regulated by a special activator protein, AP-1. Research results published In the journal Cell Metabolism.

Scientists have explained that specific genes are responsible for the maturation, growth and aging processes of humans. They explained that special regulators control the activation and inactivation of genes in each cell, like a conductor conducting an orchestra. The “turning on” of some genes is characteristic of young age, and their weakening indicates natural aging.

During the research, scientists discovered that the activator protein called AP-1 can “silence” certain genes or increase their expression. The researchers suggested that it is he who has the ability to trigger the aging process in all types of cells. According to scientists, AP-1 is activated not only due to wear and tear of the body, which is typical for humans, but also due to stress and inflammatory processes. This means that accelerated aging can be the result of deteriorating health conditions or exposure to an unfavorable environment.

According to scientists, their discovery provides a better understanding of the molecular basis of the aging process. The researchers suggest that drugs that inhibit AP-1 could help improve life expectancy and health in old age.

Previously found a factor that accelerates age-related decline in memory and thinking by 85%.

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Source: Gazeta


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