Bad habits that worsen night sleep identified 11:52

To ensure normal sleep quality in the evening, you should avoid alcohol, spicy and sweet foods, and do cardio exercises. About this post Daily Mail It has been said Ankit Parekh, Associate Professor of Sleep Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (USA).

According to the doctor, eating late (after eight in the evening) can cause weight gain and increase the risk of obesity. An improper dinner can also disrupt sleep. Parekh explained that eating spicy or fatty foods a few hours before bedtime can lead to stomach discomfort, known as heartburn. The fact is that too early transition to a lying position after eating contributes to the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus and the appearance of clinical symptoms – belching, pain and burning in the chest.

It is also recommended to avoid sweets and alcohol a few hours before bed. These foods and drinks have stimulant effects that can make it harder to fall asleep and cause frequent nighttime awakenings. For this reason, Parekh recommends avoiding coffee. Its stimulating, “invigorating” effect is long-lasting, lasting about six hours after consumption.

The doctor emphasized that physical rest should be maintained after seven in the evening. You should avoid cardio training, especially those aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. Running, swimming, cycling and intense aerobics increase your heart rate and body temperature, which is good for your overall health but can make it harder to fall asleep.

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