‘Grand Prix’ returns to TVE as rival to ‘Survivientes: All Stars’ on Telecinco

The new season of ‘El Grand Prix’ starts this Monday (22:05) on TVE La 1. The program presented by Ramón García includes almost twice as many games this summer as last year, with a total of 31 fun tests. The first brave people to face them will be the residents of Bembibre (León) and Almacelles (Lleida), promoted by Leo Harlem and Lorena Castell as sponsors. Among the novelties of this year are fun proposals such as ‘Welcome to Tartopolis’, where players will have to put pies in the faces of the inhabitants of rival towns, and ‘Champions Prix’, a giant human table football in which teams will play. Godfathers and village elders will have to kick ‘Wikipeques’ with blows, a three-generation game in which the children of the Grand Prix will join forces to guess a concept that they will define in their own way: ‘Los Recogecocos’. Here you’ll see players climb a giant floating palm tree, exciting gyms with jumping players like ‘Super Plumbers’ or ‘Operation Meow Meow’, a race against time to rescue a little kitten and return it to its mother. And all this without giving up on classic tests like ‘Hot Potato’, ‘Crazy Trunks’ or ‘Dictionary’.

Telecinco is betting on the premiere of the movie ‘Survivores: All Stars’ tonight in ‘No Man’s Land’ (22:00). The contestants will face a key moment that will determine the success of one of them throughout the rest of the adventure: the fight for the Golden Trident, the most important privilege of the entire ‘All Stars’ edition, which will highlight its winner. It acts as the ‘leader of the leaders’ and allows you to leave the list of candidates at any time during your time in Cayos Cochinos and swap places with another friend. To bring this super privilege to life, the ‘Survivors All Stars’ will perform unprecedented spectacular games on the beach; a series of tests of balance, strength, intelligence and strategy in which the legends will have to give everything to win the long-awaited Golden Trident. There will also be a liberation ceremony where one of the three candidates will avoid being the third person expelled; and the second expelled, Olga Moreno, will be received on set and interviewed.

Antena 3 is broadcasting the new episode of ‘Hermanos’ this evening (22.45). On this occasion, Şengül’s family goes to her funeral. Everyone is still in shock after such a sudden loss. Her children are devastated. Ömer will participate in the mathematics olympiads in Ankara. Suzan is proud of her son and Süsen helps him study and practice. Suzan is very surprised to learn that the wife of the hitman who killed Ahmet is related to Sevval. Sevval learns about Berk’s father Gökhan’s criminal record and fires him. Gökhan, who wants to start his own business, thinks about asking his son for the money.

A new episode of ‘100% unique’ arrives this Monday on Cuatro (22:50). Actor Javier Gutiérrez, Atlético de Madrid president and businessman Enrique Cerezo visit the set of ‘100% Únicos’. In an empathetic interview, Javier Gutiérrez tells reporters about his experience working with actors with different types of disabilities in the film ‘Champions’ and gives his testimony as the father of a disabled child. Enrique Cerezo’s arrival provokes outrage in the group of reporters, most of whom are football fans. In his speech, he motivates his interviewees by explaining how he turned his passion into a source of income and tells anecdotes about his role as a businessman in the world of cinema, one of his passions since childhood.

Tonight laSexta will air a new screening of ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’ (22:30). Ever since Agent Hobbs (Johnson), a loyal member of the US Diplomatic Corps’ Security services, and Shaw (Statham), a lone mercenary and former member of the British army’s elite unit, crossed paths, there has been no stopping the insults, blows, and taunts between them to see which of the two will fall first. But when a cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist named Brixton (Elba) gains control of a dangerous biological weapon, the world faces one of its greatest threats. When Shaw learns that Brixton has also defeated her sister (Kirby), a brilliant and fearless M16 secret agent, she and Hobbs will have no choice but to put their deadly feud aside to save the world and defeat the only person who can finish them off.

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