The doctor explained which symptoms require urgent intervention Toxicologist Kutushov: Any loss of consciousness is a reason to go to the ambulance 07/07/2024, 22:00

Any loss of consciousness requires medical attention. “Today is the Tyumen region” – said toxicologist Mikhail Kutushov.

Pain with shortness of breath, sweating, or nausea may be signs of a myocardial infarction. Nausea, fever, or blood in the stool are symptoms of appendicitis, and any loss of consciousness, even momentary, is a reason to see a doctor.

“If you feel cramps in your body, then you need to be examined by a specialist urgently because these can be symptoms of epilepsy, stroke, poisoning or other serious conditions,” the doctor said.

You should also call an ambulance if there is a sharp decrease or increase in blood pressure. Coughing up blood, loss of sensation in the limbs, numbness or tingling in the body, nausea with severe abdominal pain, swelling of the face with loss of vision or neck pain may be a sign of a stroke, retinal detachment, severe allergies, meningitis or asthma.

Before this doctor It has been saidHe says constant hunger could be a sign of a stroke or brain tumor.

Previous doctors It has been saidTo save the organ, testicular torsion must be corrected within six hours.

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Source: Gazeta


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