Advice given to first year students on how to prepare for university life 02:00

Entering a period of study at a university requires certain preparation. Victoria Podsukhina, teacher and regional head of teaching at the educational company MAXIMUM Education, told about what you need to think about before starting your student life.

“Studying at university is very different from studying at school. The first difference is the student’s independence. On the one hand, there is now a lot of freedom, but on the other hand, the lack of normal care during school years can be confusing and lead to disorganization and a sharp deterioration in academic performance. It is very important to learn to control and motivate yourself from the very beginning. Do not forget why the student entered the university, his goal and his responsibility to achieve it,” he said.

Another difference is the depth of study of the material. University involves full immersion in a particular specialization combined with scientific activities.

“Regular attendance at classes is not enough to successfully pass the session. There will be a lot of independent work and research, where you will need to show initiative and interest in the result. You can decide which classes to attend, what to pay more attention to. The universities themselves offer a wide range of elective courses that you can attend according to your interests. The program at the university will be flexible, changing from semester to semester, and sometimes from week to week,” the expert said.

To reduce adaptation stress, you will need to prepare well in advance for the first year and resolve some organizational issues.

“If a student moves to another city, it is necessary to think about future accommodation. Check in advance whether there is a dormitory at your university and write an application for moving. This is usually done when sending documents. If opportunities allow, you can find rental housing, but this should be done in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and rising rental prices at the beginning of the school year. Calculate possible routes from the university to your place of residence to calculate the travel time,” the teacher advised.

It is worth checking with the university whether you need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a health certificate in advance. This is often required in medical and educational professions and when moving into dormitories. In some cases, additional exams may be required; all requirements can be found on the website of each university or department.

“Take time to explore university opportunities during the summer months. It’s not hard to find sections on the website about student competitions and international programs. This information will help you think about your plans and not miss out on future opportunities. Typically, universities offer a wide range of different student associations, clubs and sports sections. You might want to join the house basketball team or join the student council. You can find social networks of these associations and communicate with people who are already members, which is a great opportunity to express yourself and make new friends,” Podsukhina said.

The expert noted that of course, before studying, you should not forget to rest. After the exam period, candidates need rest. New bright emotions will allow you to “restart” and gain strength. You can go on a trip, learn a new sport or take up your favorite hobby.

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