Doctor says mistakes made while swimming are harmful to health Doctor Antipova: Throwing your head back while swimming is dangerous for the spine 22:44

While swimming, you need to keep your face in the water so that your body is horizontal. Otherwise, serious problems can occur in the neck. In this regard “Izvestia” – said Elena Antipova, senior lecturer at the Department of Sports Disciplines of the State University of Education.

“When you lift your head up, your cervical vertebrae are compressed. Accordingly, an unbalanced load is created in the body, which leads to muscle tension, especially in the neck and shoulder girdle,” Antipova explained.

This mistake can lead to pain in the head, muscles and joints. It is best to create the correct swimming technique with a professional instructor, otherwise swimming in the pool or in the summer will not be of any use.

The doctor said that while swimming, the face should be in the water so that the body is in a horizontal position. Inhalation and exhalation should be done to the side.

Before this doctor It has been saidNausea and vomiting after swimming in stagnant water may be a sign of infection. You should definitely consult a doctor to avoid serious complications of dehydration.

Previous doctors It has been saidTo save the organ, testicular torsion must be corrected within six hours.

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Source: Gazeta


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