A link between sleep and obesity has been found 22:28

The sleeping pill Suvorexant affects fat and protein metabolism during sleep. This property would allow the drug to be used to treat obesity. The results were published in the journal Science.

Orexins are molecules responsible for maintaining alertness. They also play an important role in metabolism, for example influencing appetite. In 2014, the drug Suvorexant was approved for the treatment of insomnia. It blocks the action of orexins, preventing alertness from being maintained.

In the new study, researchers evaluated the effects of Suvorexant on metabolism and energy expenditure in 14 healthy men.

Total sleep time did not change after taking the drug. However, the duration of the rapid (REM) sleep phase increased. Suvorexant also increased fat oxidation during sleep. The effect lasted until the first hour after waking. It also slowed the breakdown of proteins during sleep.

The results could mean that orexins directly affect not only sleep but also metabolism. Suvorexant may be useful in treating obesity, the scientists say. Additional studies are needed to confirm its safety and effectiveness.

Earlier scientists I learnedIt can accelerate age-related decline in memory and thinking by 85%.

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