A criminal case has been filed against a human rights activist from Ural who reported torture in a colony to the media 11:14

A criminal case has been filed against a human rights activist from Ural who reported torture in a colony to the media 11:14

A blogger and human rights activist from Yekaterinburg told the media about the beating of prisoners by FSIN officers and was involved in a criminal case himself. reported Telegram channel “URALLIVE”.

On July 5, security forces came to the apartment of Alexei Sokolov, the administrator of the Telegram channel “Human Rights Defenders of the Urals”. They laid the man who opened the door to them face down on the floor. Shortly before that, the human rights defender interviewed three prisoners In the punishment cell in Yekaterinburg/PKT IK-10. All of them said that on June 20, special forces officers who conducted search operations used physical violence against them. They beat the convicts on the legs, knocked them to the ground and handcuffed them. And GUFSIN employees forced the victims to strip naked, and those who refused to comply with this order had their heads and beards shaved.

According to the source, Sokolov himself became a defendant in the case of deliberately disseminating unreliable socially significant information. His associates, suspected of spreading extremist ideology, are also being sought. It is known that the human rights activist was brought to administrative responsibility for extremist activities in the last 12 months. In the new criminal case, Sokolov faces up to four years in prison.

“Evening Newspaper” WroteHe said that the official reason for initiating a criminal case was the display of the logo of the social network Facebook (the owner of the Meta company is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned) on the Telegram channel “Human Rights Defenders of the Urals”. Moreover, the case was opened on July 2, that is, the day after the release. material The source of the news about the beating of a prisoner by FSIN officers on the Ura.ru website turned out to be Sokolov.

On July 6, the detained human rights defender gave a letter to his comrades that included the following: reported about the beating and the “custom” nature of the criminal case. Also today, journalists were not allowed to attend the hearing where Sokolov was to choose preventive measures.

Earlier, employees of the Irkutsk colony who were convicted of torture were arrested. released on parole after serving a year in prison.

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Source: Gazeta


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