Experts explained how the approach to IT education has changed 03:01

Despite the abundance of training courses, applicants often lack good IT specialists. To solve the problem, Russian IT companies create their own training programs or integrate them into academic education. This is what interviewed experts told

“The subjects in the institutes take a long time to be updated; some of them have not changed since the 2010s. A specialist who knows only outdated information may not be suitable for this job,” notes Yulia Chernikina, head of educational activities and partnerships with educational centers at Cyberprotect.

Beginners have access to courses in many areas of IT, but only a few get offers. Maxim Pavlov, CEO of IT company KTS, says that today only one candidate out of 350 applicants has accepted the offer.

Roman Dubinsky, Yandex’s senior interface developer and curator and organizer of the SRI training program, says that the academy deliberately offers hackathons and various practical interactive activities and workshops.

“This allowed students to start solving real company cases, while also improving communication,” he emphasized. He also noted that 50 percent of students became interns or employees of the company.

“Today there is a tendency to abandon mass education and to adopt an individual approach to employee development,” says Maxim Pavlov.

Another trend is the introduction of artificial intelligence. Evgeniy Shelenkov, head of the Bitrix24 // University project, confirms that they have already started using AI to control entrance exams, which allows them to select really strong students.

Yulia Chernikina believes that this year, information security and cybersecurity specialists, software developers, data analysts, and artificial intelligence will be in demand.

“Data security is becoming critical,” he said.

Previously in Russia grew up Number of participants in hackathons and IT competitions.

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Source: Gazeta


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