Scientists explain how to prevent poisoning in summer 20:07

Experts from Mayo Clinic (one of the world’s largest private medical and research centers) spoke about this. Recommendations from experts published On the Mayo Clinic website.

Food safety experts have noted that frequent hand washing and disinfecting of countertops, cutting boards, and utensils can help prevent poisoning. It is especially important to clean kitchen utensils when preparing various foods, including meat.

Bacteria found in raw meat can be transferred to other cooked or ready-to-eat foods during food preparation or storage. This process is called cross-contamination. To prevent this, the Mayo Clinic recommends thoroughly washing all knives, cutting boards, utensils and containers that come into contact with meat before using them again.

It is equally important to store food in the refrigerator during the summer months. If you neglect this rule, dangerous microorganisms that cause poisoning can multiply. Meat and poultry dishes, as well as foods that contain moisture, such as salads, are considered perishable.

Formerly a doctor It has been saidHow not to get poisoned by watermelons and melons?

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