Finland re-approves law on deportation of refugees 18:59

The Constitutional Committee of the Finnish Parliament has re-approved the law on deportation of refugees, the public broadcaster reports With.

According to him, changes were made to the document on the legal protection of refugees.

As mentioned, the vote on this law will take place in parliament next week.

According to the document, the Finnish government will be able to limit the admission of refugees to a certain part of the border. The bill has already been approved by the constitutional committee. After approval by the Administrative Committee, it will be reviewed by the Parliament.

It was learned that more than 200 scientists from Finnish universities participated on July 1. spoke Against the adoption of a law on the deportation of refugees from the Russian border.

According to the scientists who signed the petition, the country’s government, led by Petteri Orpo, has failed to prove that the increase in the number of refugees poses a threat to the state’s security.

Previously, Finnish authorities afraid The emergence of a new route for migrants seeking to reach Europe via Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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