Scientists find that gratitude can extend life 11:16

Scientists from the Harvard TH School of Public Health Chan found that grateful older adults have a reduced risk of death from any cause. Research results published In JAMA Psychiatry.

The study involved 49,000 women. The average age of the participants was 79. The researchers collected information about the participants’ health status and asked them to complete a six-question gratitude test. The subjects were asked to agree or disagree with various statements, such as “I have a lot to be grateful for.” After receiving their answers, the scientists began an observation period that lasted about three years.

During the observation period, 4,600 participants died. The researchers found that those with the highest levels of gratitude had a lower risk of dying from any cause compared to those who were not grateful. Gratitude, the researchers found, was associated with a lower risk of dying from heart disease, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases, and various infections and injuries.

Earlier scientists to create A combination of drugs that prolongs life in Alzheimer’s disease.

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