There is still a possibility of hurricanes on the Black Sea coast 03:28

There is a possibility of a tornado on the Black Sea coast. VNII GOChS reports on its website Web site.

As noted in the message of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “All-Russian Research Institute of Civil Defence and Emergencies of the Russian Emergencies Ministry” (VNII GOChS, Federal Center for Science and High Technologies), the water level off the coast of the Central Caspian Sea in the Makhachkala region remains below optimal for navigation, which can lead to accidents on various types of ships.

Similar risks are expected in the Bering and Japan Seas from July 4 to July 7 due to stormy weather with waves up to 6.5 meters high.

The head of the All-Russian Research Institute of Civil Defense and Emergencies, Maxim Bedilo, recommended that the relevant RSChS authorities take this information into account when making decisions on the safe movement of ships in conditions of low water levels and open seas.

Before that, the head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Alexander Kurenkov It has been saidThe occurrence of unusual natural phenomena, including summer frosts, floods, severe storms in Moscow and tornadoes in Russia as a whole, is influenced by the climatic factor.

Former Georgian priest He didn’t let me in. A girl who went to temple during a hurricane because of her appearance.

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Source: Gazeta


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