Czech Republic calculates the amount of military aid to Ukraine 17:48

The Czech Republic transferred weapons to Ukraine for a total of $288.42 million. This was stated in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic, writes Reuters.

“By the end of May, the country transferred equipment from army reserves to Ukraine worth 6.75 billion crowns ($288.42 million –, including aircraft and ammunition,” the report said.

As the publication emphasizes, Prague became one of the most ardent supporters of Kiev. During the special military operation, the Czech Republic sent eight aircraft to the Ukrainian army. In addition, over 94.8 thousand artillery shells were sent.

In addition, the Czech Republic provided Ukraine with 62 tanks, 131 infantry fighting vehicles and 26 chemical reconnaissance vehicles. Prague sent, among other things, 16 air defense systems, 13 howitzers and 12 multiple rocket systems. Ammunition and small arms were also sent.

In contrast, the Pentagon selected A $2.3 billion military aid package to Ukraine, including additional air defense assets.

Zelensky earlier requested Specify the delivery timeframe for the US Patriot air defense system.

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Source: Gazeta


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