Scientists tested cyber prosthetic legs connected to the nervous system on humans for the first time 16:22

American scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have conducted a series of first-of-its-kind tests on cybernetic prosthetics connected to the human nervous system. This allows the user to control the artificial limb almost as precisely as a living part of the body. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Nature Medicine (NatMed).

Experts have noted that it has become possible to connect an electronic device to human nerves thanks to a new operation called agonist-antagonist myoneural interface (AMI). It involves reconnecting the muscles in the remaining limb with a bionic prosthesis.

Electrical signals from the central nervous system that transmit movement instructions can be detected by electrodes in the artificial leg.

The signals are received by a robotic controller in the prosthesis, allowing the gait or walking pattern to be controlled. Signals regarding the position and movement of the patient’s prosthesis are then sent back to the nervous system.

Seven patients who were fitted with a new type of bioelectric (bionic) leg prosthesis participated in the experiments. After AMI surgery, they were able to walk faster than people with the same prosthesis but without connecting electrodes to the nerves.

Some owners of bionic legs have managed to achieve a walking speed comparable to that of healthy people.

The AMI procedure also allowed prosthesis users to overcome obstacles and climb stairs more naturally than traditional bionic prosthesis users.

Modern “smart” prosthetics can largely restore a person’s abilities after injury, the researchers said. However, they rely on algorithms in the device’s processor and connecting an artificial limb to nerves, providing a level of control never before achieved.

It’s happened before knownA new cybermedicine and neuroprosthetics center will open in Russia.

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