RTVE presenters’ big salaries revealed: This is what they earn

Salaries in television have always been a matter of interest to the public. When people talk about legendary presenters, they expect big figures and for this reason, Público media has revealed how much RTVE’s big stars earn, after requesting information from the transparency portal. What is the salary of great presenters?

The most striking figures are those from prime time programs, the most watched hour of the day on television, and Julia Otero demanded 25,000 euros for each ‘Días de tele’ program. With Carolina Iglesias, who receives a salary of 5,000 euros per programThe journalist pocketed 325,000 euros for the 13 episodes that make up the first season.

On the other hand, Juan y Medio earn €20,000 for each episode of the talent show ‘The Incredibles’same amount as invoiced Ana Morgade for her comedy show ‘Let’s Get Along’. During, Luján Argüelles received 15,000 euros for each ‘Brigada Tech’ programme.

As for talent, the fifth season of ‘Masters of Sewing’ saw members receive various salaries. The highest paid person for the format was the fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile pocketed 7,500 euros, while presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva earned 7,200 euros. The other two jury membersPalomo Spain and María Escote won the same amount: 6,000 euros through participation.

In addition, the ‘All Against 1’ competition, in which a total of 7 deliveries were made, was also billed. Presenter Rodrigo Vázquez gets €9,000, slightly more than Raúl Gómez gets: €7,000. Xavier Sardà is also on the list 7,000 Euros per episode of prime time talk show ‘The Great Confusion’.

If we focus on the daily La 1 competitions, Aitor Albizúa earned 1,200 euros for each program of ‘El comodín de La 1’ what did it do, a little less than it cost Rodrigo Vázquez in the movie ‘The Hunter’: 1,300 euros.won something else Jandro for presenting ‘Mapi’, €2,000, when she was an actress Carla Fernández Pulpón pocketed only €200 to get into the animated doll’s costume.

Moving on to talk shows, RTVE reveals this: Lourdes Maldonado earned 1,000 euros for each ‘Hablando Claro’ program, while Marc Calderó’s weekly salary was 1,400 euros.. Also a weekend talk show ‘Afternoon plan’ earns Toñi Moreno 5,000 euros for each delivery. In addition, Quico Taronjí earns €850 for each programme of ‘Aqui la tierra’.

La 2 salaries

If we go to their secondary channels, the salaries of these programs are much more modest compared to the audience they reach. It is the highest María Casado, who took home up to 8,000 euros for the second season of ‘Three Doors’, However, it is also necessary to take into account that it is a format that goes from La 1 to La 2.

Beyond that, the highest salaries are those of EDuardo Sáenz de Cabezón, who billed €3,000 for each installment of the eighth season of ‘Órbita Laika’and the hosts of ‘Rutas bizarras’ Marta Hazas won €3,825 and Xosé Touriñan won €3,400.

With the same salary €2,500, Leonor Martín and Lidia San José worked in ‘The pillars of time’, Raquel Martos in ‘El condenser de fluzo’, Óscar López in ‘Página 2’ or Marc Giró in ‘Late Xou’. Cayetana Guillén Cuervo has three different salaries depending on her job: €1,700 for ‘Attention studies’, €2,100 for the ‘Spanish version’ if it includes a colloquium, or €950 without the latter.

It was finally known that Mario Obrero earns 1,000 euros for each chapter of his book ‘A Country to Read’. The legendary ‘Guess and Win’ competition has various salaries: Presenter Jordi Hurtado earns €700 for each episode of the format, while Elisenda Roca earns only €184 per programme.

Playz, a more modest salary

Moving on to RTVE’s digital space, we are left with the salaries of only two presenters who run the same format: influencers Darío Eme Hache and Inés Hernand. First pockets In the regular version you get €500 for each ‘Gen Playz’ and in the XL version you get €800 in total.

Inés Hernand has three salaries for the format: Earn €800 in the short version, it increases to €2,050 in the XL version and drops to €1,750 when we say ‘Gen Erasmus’.A special version where he visits five European cities of symbolic importance to the European Union

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