Adara Molinero reveals what pushed her to the edge on ‘Survivors All Stars’

Adara Molinero returns to the set of ‘Survivientes All Stars’. Last Thursday, the contestant became the first person to be expelled from the edition. Although the contestant has done his best on many reality shows, his return to Honduras was completely different.

From the first premiere, Adara Molinero was stunned throughout the entire first premiere. Let’s also remember that the former survivor did not dare to jump from the helicopter, and even activated the abandonment protocol.

This Tuesday, in celebration of the traditional premiere of ‘Survivors All Stars: No Man’s Land’, Adara Molinero was very candid: “This is something I still have to digest and assimilate, something I don’t understand yet.”Confessed the winner of ‘GH VIP 7’.

“I have to think about everything a lot because I have mixed feelings, I wanted to but I couldn’t. It just keeps going on and on. When I got there, it hadn’t even been a year,” he said. He also said He admitted that he “didn’t feel much emotion” Along with his other teammates, except Bosco and Olga Moreno.

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