Deep-sea “Losharik”. What is known about the top-secret submarine of the Russian Federation The fire in the secret submarine AS-31 Losharik occurred five years ago 07/01/2024, 17:50

Underwater flame

The fire that broke out on the AS-31 Losharik submarine on July 1, 2019, was the first tragedy to strike the Russian submarine fleet since the K-152 Nerpa disaster in 2008. The circumstances of the incident are classified and are unlikely to be made public in the coming years unless circumstances warrant it. The Russian Defense Ministry reported only that the fire broke out in the submarine’s battery compartment, and that 14 submariners lost their lives in the submarine’s survivability. They also managed to evacuate a civilian specialist from the burning compartment and close the hatch behind him to prevent the fire from spreading.

A month after the accident, a source from the Russian military-industrial complex said It has been said Journalists noted that the device received serious damage, communication equipment, control system, hydroacoustic complex, navigation equipment and life support systems were replaced.

All speculation about what the submariners were doing during the fire is speculative. At the same time, the Losharik device itself is no less interesting than its tragic mission.

Its unofficial name, “Losharik”, is taken from a Soviet cartoon depicting a horse whose body is made up of cannon parts, like the hull of a submarine. This cannot be seen from the outside because submarines have two hulls: an outer hull that is permeable to water to create streamlined lines, and a strong, sealed inner hull that houses the crew and key equipment. Typically the robust hull resembles an elongated cylinder with rounded or extended ends, but conventional submarines are designed to dive no deeper than a few hundred metres.

“Losharik” was created to work at a depth of at least 3 thousand meters. The pressure should reach about 290 atmospheres, which is equal to 2.8 thousand tons of force per square meter. The ideal shape for resisting compression is a sphere, and the smaller the sphere, the better. That’s how the idea of ​​​​building a multi-spherical deep-sea vehicle was born in the USSR in the 1980s.

An isolated nuclear power plant was installed in one of the areas. words Sergei Shoigu, the work does not require crew intervention. Other areas connected by passages accommodate the crew and equipment. At the same time, Losharik is not designed for independent navigation and requires a carrier submarine. Presumably, the carrier with the deployed device goes to the research area, leaving the AS-31 to swim freely and awaits its return in a certain area.

Silent Spy

There is no official and detailed information in open sources about what tasks Losharik should perform. Conventional nuclear submarines are of two types: multipurpose and strategic. The second type is the easiest. Their entire structure is designed around a series of vertical launchers for nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. They are supposed to be located far from their own shores and, in case of war, to deliver ammunition to enemy territory. In addition to the ability to launch missiles from a closer range, they have another important feature – survivability, which makes a disarming nuclear strike extremely difficult for the enemy.

Multipurpose nuclear submarines are generally reminiscent of World War II submarines. They must sink enemy transports with torpedoes (and missiles), conduct reconnaissance, observe carrier strike groups and destroy them (with a good deal of luck), transport saboteurs and military cargo, and perform many other stealthy naval missions.

“Losharik” are probably not suitable for any of the above and are generally unarmed. However, they are known to start after fire. Checks In the military unit number 45707 of the Main Directorate of Deep-Sea Research of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. There they study not only the structure of the ocean floor, but also many other issues related to the fight against a potential enemy. The activities of this military unit are kept in the strictest confidence, but Western journalists and analysts have various guesses about what the “Losharik” could theoretically be doing.

Warzone Edition believesWith the help of such submarines it is possible to retrieve valuable objects from the seabed, such as parts batik American F-35 fighter jet in the Pacific Ocean. Also, the Americans believe that with its help it is possible to install reconnaissance equipment on the base. A classic example of such activities is the secret connection to the submarine communication cable.

Finally, some authors recommendSubmarines similar to Losharik could be fitted with retractable wheels. In this case, the submarine would be able to travel along the seabed, greatly reducing the chance of being detected by sonar. Theoretically, you could use this stealth for anything.

It is also interesting that, despite the great successes in the creation of civilian bathtubs, there are no public analogues of the AC-12 in the United States. There is no news that the Americans are “afraid” of the Russian submarine and urgently request money from Congress to develop a response. This behavior leads some observers to believe that similar submarines exist in the United States, but are completely classified: for example, the F-117 stealth aircraft was before the 1991 Gulf War. It cannot be ruled out that this analogue is not direct, but functional: that is, it allows the same goals to be achieved by other means, for example, using unmanned autonomous vehicles.

The submarine is still undergoing restoration, as the fire caused extensive damage to Losharik. For the first time since the device was repaired will come out To be tested in summer 2024.

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Five years ago, a tragedy occurred in the Russian fleet – a dozen submariners burned to death in a fire. This incident is still a secret, but one thing is known for sure: the accident occurred on the top-secret Russian submarine AS-31 Losharik. It can operate at a depth of three kilometers, and Western experts believe that the device can move its wheels from the bottom. What is known about the unique Russian submarine and what tasks it can theoretically perform, read in the article by

Source: Gazeta


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