‘Barbie Janne Goodall’ is here to protect monkeys

distinguished primatologist Janne Goodall, one of the greatest experts on great apes The tireless activist in favor of its preservation has already become a Barbie doll, as the Mattel company creates a model based on the scientist. this ‘Barbie Goodall’ was released a few days before World Chimpanzee Day, which is celebrated on Thursday, July 14.

Mattel’s decision to create a Barbie doll that imitates the world’s most famous primatologist is a way to popularize among girls the study and defense of great apes, which are threatened by all sorts of factors, from poaching to climate change to major fires.

The company says it’s made from 75% recycled plastic that appears outside of the kit, a material that would “end in the ocean” if it wasn’t used in this toy.

On your own behalf The researcher, now 88, said he was “absolutely pleased”. Seeing herself as a Barbie doll was actually something she had been waiting for a long time. Goodall says she wants Barbie to “inspire little girls” to protect the environment on the planet.

New barbie pays tribute to outstanding primatologist Mattel

“A lot of people already know me because I’m in the schoolbooks and they’re learning about me at school, so I think they’d be excited to get a Barbie Jane,” she added.

The toy set includes the doll itself, He is dressed in an explorer outfit, a field book and binoculars, and a chimpanzee accompanying him.

Lisa McKnight, vice president and global head of Barbie and dolls at Mattel, said in a statement: a tribute to a pioneer and innovator for women in scienceInspire girls to learn more about green work, how they can save the planet, and how they can spark sustainable stories in doll games.”

Toys play a decisive role in shaping children’s first years of life and, according to experts, they help them to create a universe of values ​​and stimuli that will affect their later years. Hence the importance of using positive and exemplary references such as environmental advocates to inspire new toys.

World Chimpanzee Day 2022

On World Chimpanzee Day 2022, The plight of this species is being harassed by the disappearance of its habitats. Certainly, the most fighting for its protection is Dr. It was Jane Goodall. On July 14, 1960, Goodall arrived in present-day Tanzania. There, in what is now Gombe Stream National Park, she had the opportunity to study these animals.

chimpanzee specimen pixabay

She later founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which supports the enormous mission of defending monkeys and their natural habitats.

in Spain, Spanish Society of Primatology (APE) It brings together scientists and activists fighting for the conservation of this seriously endangered species, which in many ways is very close to humans.

According to the APE, out of 517 primate species detected on Earth, 132 are in danger of extinction, 66 are critically extinct, and 84 are vulnerable.


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