Astronomer reveals when Earth will be as far away from the Sun as possible 15:41

On Friday, July 5 at 08:06 Moscow time, the Earth will be 52,094,000 kilometers from the Sun, that is, at the farthest point of its orbit. About this “Moscow 24” It has been said astronomer, head of the methodological support department of the Moscow Planetarium Lyudmila Koshman. The expert explained that the planet moves in an elliptical orbit.

“Today, the smallest diameter of the star will be visible from Earth. However, the change in disk size will be smooth over six months, so it will not be noticeable to the eye,” Koshman said.

He added that this event will not affect the meteorological and geomagnetic conditions on Earth in any way.

Earlier, the portal, with reference to solar physicists reportedIt is stated that the Sun is on the verge of changing its magnetic poles, which will be the beginning of a decline in activity in the star’s 11-year cycle.

According to the publication, the full turnaround process usually takes one to two years, but can sometimes take as long as five years, as was the case in 2014-2019.

Former astronomer It has been saidWhy earthquakes occur on Earth.

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Source: Gazeta


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