Carlos Navarro “El Yoyas” speaks to ‘TardeAR’ from prison: “I think my relationship with my children is lost”

Carlos Navarro, better known as “El Yoyas”, was arrested on June 26 after evading justice for 19 months. He has since been admitted to a Barcelona prison and made his first public comments on a television programme. The person who contacted him via a letter was ‘TardeAR’. and the prisoner did not hesitate to answer.

In the letter, Navarro describes his time in prison: “It’s too early to know how I’ll be here because the punishment is high. I talked to a psychologist and a social worker and They told me it was straight for the third degree but of course if I had entered on the first day“.

Carlos also spoke about the little ones he shared with Fayna in this letter he sent to Telecinco: “I had children in 2017 and when they told me to do activities I could not. Depression did not allow me to take action and with this reprimand and I feel like by taking away my parenting rights, my relationship with my children is being lost.“.

Finally, the man convicted of ill-treatment said: “By November 2020, Fayna had taken away their phones so as not to talk to them or listen to them. “It’s a trial date. They’re not waiting for me anymore and I don’t think they ever will, that’s the heartbreak. Of course I have the support of my family and without them nothing else matters.”

Telecinco’s afternoon program has therefore received a lot of criticism from the networksBecause they think that abusers should not be given the right to speak on one of the country’s most-watched television channels.These are the same criticisms that existed some time ago when Carlos gave an interview to the newspaper El Mundo.

Source: Informacion


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