28 daily temperature records recorded in Russia 08:27

28 temperature records were recorded in Russia in one day. This was reported by DEA News Evgeny Tishkovets, leading specialist of the Phobos meteorological center.

According to him, the temperature in Kherson broke the record (+35.9°C), the previous record of +34.7°C was recorded in 2017. In Pskov, the thermometer reached +34.3°C, with the previous record of +30.7°C in 2022. In Chita, +34.1°C was recorded (the previous record was +33.8°C in 2022). In St. Petersburg, the maximum temperature of the day in 2022 was +33.2°C; the previous maximum temperature was +31.9°C.

In Orel, the temperature reached +31.5°C, while the previous record of +31.1°C was recorded in 1964.

The expert noted that despite the abnormal heat, the record temperature in the Moscow region was recorded only in Kolomna: +32.2°C, the previous temperature was +30.8°C in 1999.

In the Russian capital, the air warmed up to +30.2°C at the VDNKh base meteorological station, and up to +32.1°C in the city center of Balchug, Tishkovets noted.

Rana at the Russian Hydrometeorological Center It has been saidIn Moscow on Tuesday partly cloudy weather is expected, no precipitation and temperatures will rise to +34°C.

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Source: Gazeta


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