Isa Pantoja explains the reasons why Adara is not in Survivors: ‘All Stars’: “We don’t want to see you anymore”

Name of the first person eliminated survivors: ‘All stars’. Olga Moreno and Adara Molinero They were the two contestants nominated to leave the competition. Eventually, and to the surprise of many, Olga managed to free herself and immediately eliminated Adara, who was caught between problems and a lack of desire to be there. Honduras a few days after arriving.

“It is true that he always tried after these three days of doubt, but this time misfortune took its toll on him,” said Joaquín Prat, about how little competition there was in the team. “It is true that from a physical point of view, the allergic reaction did not prevent him from continuing to compete, but of course the moral and psychological setback is enormous,” said the presenter.

But other collaborators on the show pointed out other reasons why the contestant gave in to pressure. “I don’t think that’s why he was expelled and people said ‘we don’t want to see you in the competition anymore’. Reading the comments on the networks, I saw what he did at the beginning of ‘I’m leaving’ or ‘I’m not leaving’ didn’t sit well with people and from that moment on he had one foot out and was there with Olga.”

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“The allergy was decisive, but not because of that. Yes, there were many people who did not want me to continue the competition, not because of the allergy. I am sad because I think it would have moved the island a lot, and together with Marta and Sofía, of course, we could have made a full reality show,” said Isa.

new horizons

Survivors 2024 has been one of the most interesting and divisive editions of the television career. Pedro García Aguado eventually won the award, which had many favorites until the last program. Some big contenders have fallen by the wayside, like Rubén Torres, who dominated the tests, or Gorka Ibarguren, who was a great competitor.

Aynen Bask has been on the agenda with his statement about his new work project in the last hours. “What’s up great team, how are you? I am getting over all this craziness and will slowly be starting online counseling ahead of schedule.. On Monday, I will put up a link to my website where you can see the information, my recommendations, and what the environment is like. I will put the link on Instagram, in the profile.”

He announced on his social networks that he was asking for time off from work to focus on an online consulting project that tries to motivate and guide different people through physical training. A new hope for the contestant who wants to start as soon as possible. “This whole thing has been crazy and I am recovering.. I start, rest, do cardio and do some exercise. “I’m already starting to get stronger and feel strong.”

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