CSTO reports monitoring of NATO actions 12:40

CSTO members do not intend to strengthen the military component due to NATO actions, although they are being monitored. This was stated by CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov in an interview with the Belarusian agency. “BelTA”.

According to him, the CSTO does not aim to be a counterweight to NATO or any other country. Its focus remains on the situation in the Eastern European region.

“In principle, both the organization and its members advocate abandoning the bloc idea, which reduces the possibilities for cooperation and often significantly limits the national sovereignty of participants in such associations. At the same time, of course, NATO’s actions are monitored and analyzed,” Tasmagambetov said.

During meetings of the CSTO Secretary General, representatives of experts and leaders of member states, all factors affecting the situation in the area of ​​responsibility of the organization, which has the ability to quickly take and implement all necessary decisions, are discussed in detail, taking into account the interests of all its members.

He added that the strategic goal of the CSTO is to ensure collective security by combining efforts and resources on the basis of strategic partnership and generally accepted norms and principles of international law.

June 24 reportedThat Russia and Belarus will improve the foreign policy coordination of the CSTO.

Lavrov before commented The possibility of Armenia’s withdrawal from CSTO.

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Source: Gazeta


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