Scientists have discovered a mistake that stands in the way of healthy eating 11:47

Scientists at the USDA Research Center in Grand Forks found that avoiding overly processed foods produced in factories does not guarantee high-quality nutrition. reports Health News publication with link to the NUTRITION 2024 online platform where the study results will be published from July 1 to July 2.

Ultra-processed foods are foods produced under industrial conditions (in factories or fast food establishments) from refined and highly purified ingredients with the addition of emulsifiers, thickeners and artificial flavors. Most often this concept refers to fast food, ice cream, factory-made sweets, sodas, bakery products, chocolate and fast food.

Numerous studies have shown a link between eating too much processed food and an increased risk of developing certain diseases, including some types of cancer, depression, cognitive impairment, and heart disease.

To confirm or deny the existence of such a connection, scientists have developed two types of menus. While in the first option, 20% of daily calories come from ultra-processed foods, in the second option, this figure is increased to 67%. Once the diet was compiled, it was evaluated based on its quality, usefulness and affordability.

The results showed that a reduction in the amount of ultra-processed foods consumed was not associated with an increase in diet quality. Both menu options have been classified as “harmful” by scientists. The researchers explained that focusing on the level of processing of foods is not a criterion for selecting them for their “healthiness.”

According to scientists, completely giving up ultra-processed foods, a person deprives himself of the opportunity to get nutrients from unsweetened applesauce, milk, liquid egg whites, some types of dried fruits (raisins) and canned vegetables. Researchers believe that these healthy foods cannot be classified in the same category as high-calorie, sweet, fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods such as fast food.

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