Naked child found on the road in Primorye 08:13

A little boy from Primorsky Krai found himself in a rehabilitation center after he was found on the road. This was reported by DEA News Referring to Olga Romanova, the region’s Ombudsman for Children’s Rights.

According to him, the child was naked when found. Later, doctors examined him and provided the necessary assistance. It was not stated whether he suffered serious injuries.

“We are currently working with legal representatives,” the publication says.

According to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, the incident occurred in the village of Kiparisovo. The woman noticed that the child ran onto the road and took him to the police. An investigation is currently ongoing.

Prosecutor’s Office representatives told reporters that the boy had not spoken and could not talk about how he got here.

Police teams found the missing person’s parents. It turned out that the woman and the child came to visit the village of Razdolnoye, but left after leaving their son there alone.

Determining the circumstances of the incident is under the control of department experts.

Earlier in Kaliningrad, a three-year-old child escaped from kindergarten and wandered around the city.

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Source: Gazeta


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