Monegal’s review: The buzz of a mosquito before it bites

There’s a global consensus on who won the head-to-head television debate between North American presidential candidates: Winner donald trump. La Sexta broadcast it live between three and five in the morning. he said Antonio Garcia Ferrerasabout the candidate Joe Biden, At the end of the television event: “Messy, scattered, hesitant, even started coughing.”

Actually. Biden was a candle, a candle, a spark plug, and when he arrived on set, it was already out. CNN, the network that produced and aired the debate, immediately placed the ‘Flash Poll’ on the screen: 67% of Americans polled thought he won. embers. Devastating data. There is a general consensus that the number of lies Trump has told is staggering. He has not engaged CNN, he has not done the fact-checking, the so-called ‘fact-checking’ that is superimposed on the screen. That would be a necessary public service. But TV does not seek truth, it seeks effect. And the audience has become accustomed to seeing the debates on a spectacle screen, not a political screen. Here is what they said on ‘Al Rojo Vivo Special’: “Biden plays chess, Trump likes to eat the pieces”. And crack the board, we might add. These hits on television are incredibly entertaining. It is not appealing to tell us about government programs to know which ones are most beneficial to the citizens. It does not matter that a candidate lies all the time. It makes the fight exciting as if there was a shooting at the OK Corral. It attracts the best camera stance, the fastest, the loosest, the most energetic, in short, the ‘showman’ rather than the statesman. We forget who the best President of a nation would be and look at the best performer on a show. The television empires happily say: A great media event!

Speaking about disease-carrying mosquitoes, the comedian said the following the other day: Javier Cansado In ‘Glorious Ignorants’ (M+): !Deep down they are stupid mosquitoes. They buzz before they bite. “They would hurt more if they flew silently.”. WITH embers The constant and radiating hum also gives it away. It’s just a matter of listening carefully and protecting yourself to avoid pain.

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