Bacteria associated with overeating found 16:30

Scientists find gut bacteria linked to overeating and obesity. The research was published in the journal Bowel.

The study’s authors used a 35-question survey to diagnose food addiction in humans. In mice, this was detected through constant foraging and overeating.

Food addiction in mice was associated with an increase in the abundance of Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria. There were also fewer Blautia bacillus bacteria. 88 people participated in the research. Proteobacteria were more and Actinobacteria and Blautia were less in those who were food dependent.

Changes in the gut microbiota affected the activity of genes in the part of the brain involved in self-control and decision-making.

“Results in both mice and humans suggest that specific microbiota can protect against food addiction. We examined the protective effects of oral administration of the prebiotics lactulose and rhamnose. This led to an increase in the number of Blautia bacteria and a significant reduction in food addiction, the scientists said.

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