Russians were told what to do if worms are found in fruits and berries Doctor Shulyaeva: wormy fruits and berries are not harmful to health 11:54

You should not eat wormy fruits and berries, but one worm is not a reason to throw away the whole pack, Anna Shulyaeva, an immunologist-allergist and pediatrician at the St. Luke’s Institute of Pediatric and Adult Neurology and Epilepsy, told

“If there is just one worm in the fruit, then this is nothing to worry about and does not mean that the fruit is infected in some way. Naturally, you do not need to eat the worm; you can easily remove it. The doctor said that it is enough to put this fruit aside and enjoy other fruits that are not wormy .

At the same time, you should not eat dirty fruits: they can lead to infection with worms whose eggs are invisible to the naked eye. Symptoms of invasion may include abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and other digestive disorders. In the long term, muscle pain, pancreatitis, jaundice and intestinal obstruction may occur.

“If the larvae enter the lungs, this can lead to lung failure,” the doctor added.

Formerly a doctor said About the rainbow diet to reduce cancer risk.

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Source: Gazeta


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