Collective frenzy with Juanjo and Martin’s kiss of love at the ‘OT’ concert in Madrid

The ‘OT 2023’ tour continues to fill the cities it passes through. Victories over Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza or Seville once again made his most loyal followers in the capital tremble.

Last night, the 16th ‘OT 2023’ contestant took to the stage again. While most of the songs they sang throughout the evening touched everyone present, there were a few important moments during the concert that coincidentally coincided with Pride Day.

Besides the kiss of Chiara and Violeta, the audience could not control their emotions when they saw the most beloved couple of the entire series, Juanjo and Martin, unite in a tender kiss that once again showed how love cannot be hidden. On the same day, there was also a significant announcement like that of Denna and Álex Márquez, who made their relationship public.

Source: Informacion


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