A man got lost in the forest and survived ten days in the wilderness 13:51

A man who got lost in the California mountains and wandered around for more than a week shared how he survived in the wilderness. In this respect reports Guard.

According to the victim’s statement, he went for a walk in the mountains for a few hours, but this walk lasted ten days.

“I didn’t take anything with me except a flashlight and a pocket knife because I was counting on a three-hour walk,” Lucas McClish admitted.

He set out for the mountains on July 11 without informing anyone of his plans. The man was found in a remote canyon on July 20.

All this time, according to McClish, he wandered through canyons and went down to waterfalls to drink water. The man ate only the fruits.

At one point the tourist encountered a cougar. He said the animal kept a respectful distance from him and left after a while.

The man’s family reported their relative missing on June 16 when they could not contact him. Dozens of law enforcement officers as well as rescue teams participated in the search and the operation ended successfully.

Former survival expert saidHow to survive if you get lost in the forest.

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Source: Gazeta


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