Monegal’s criticism: TVE is a fan of football but will continue to sweat

TVE is now having a great June. broadcast European cup football provides them with a great audience. When it plays Spain it reaches astronomical numbers: peaks with more than 50% of screen share and more than eight million television viewers. They share between 25 percent and 30 percent with other parties.

The enormous data allowed them to leave the third place in the monthly rankings, overtaking Telecinco and today only six-tenths behind Antena 3 TV. It is very likely that they will end in a technical draw or almost a draw this June. TVE was criticized by some for the fee it paid for the broadcast of 51 European Cup matches. It is estimated to be between 40 and 50 million euros. Considering the results, that’s not a crazy amount. What’s crazy is, for example, having paid over six million euros for the ‘Dance as much as you can’ challenge and resulting in a 4.9% screen share. We can give further examples of TVE’s unstable course with ‘entertainment’ products that have proven to be wasteful. The European football championship cannot be attacked because of its cost. Additionally, in the case of this competition, some licensing is allowed in TVE’s sponsorship regulations, which allows for good advertising revenue. What we need to think about here is the enthusiasm that comes to TVE with the football they receive. It increases viewership significantly, yes, but it’s just a one-time purchase of a football match. These are programs that are neither informative nor created to feed the personality of major public television in Spain. A restaurant cannot achieve perfection by purchasing a good ham at a particular time. It stands out with its cuisine and its ‘chef’s outstanding casseroles. In other words: TVE confuses a fan with a good air conditioning system.

Appeared on ‘LateXou’ (TVE La 2) the other day Rossy de Palma fanning He said with extraordinary intelligence: “I am an empty continent waiting to be filled with characters to play with”. Exactly the same. TVE is a continent that needs to be filled with original content that creates its personality and distinguishes it from others. He will continue to sweat when the European Cup fans pass and he returns to his usual audience.

Source: Informacion


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