The soldier smoked seven cans of Jaguar, spotted an SVO soldier on a bench, and beat him to death. The military man who killed an SVO soldier for the sake of a Chinese smartphone was convicted in Yekaterinburg 06.20.2024, 16:41.

What happened in the Katyusha sauna

On the evening of September 10 last year, Private Naumov and his colleagues changed into civilian clothes and left the unit in Yekaterinburg. During the walk, they each drank one can of beer and seven cans of 7-proof Jaguar beverage.

As the group passed the 24-hour Katyusha sauna, they noticed a man in khaki sleeping on a bench in the street. Private Naumov approached the man lying on the ground and decided to take his phone. Refusing to unlock the device, the soldier began punching the stranger in the face and body. Learning the code, Naumov kicked the victim in the head again and disappeared. The beaten man later died in hospital; He was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen, rib fractures and soft tissue damage.

As learned in court, it turned out that the deceased was also a soldier; He returned from the special operations zone for his brother’s funeral. On the day of his death, the SVO participant was drinking with a childhood friend near the Katyusha sauna; After the meetings, he continued to lie in the same place, on a bench, until he met Private Naumov.

He bought the phone that killed the man the day before the incident. The beaten man’s sister said that after his brother’s death, they tried to apply for a loan on his brother’s behalf, but they continued to use the stolen mobile phone.

What did the eyewitnesses say?

Eyewitnesses told investigators the identity of the killer. According to the girl the soldier encountered during the walk, the men were drinking, but Naumov was the drunkest.

One of the soldiers said that contract soldier Naumov acted aggressively on the day of the attack. And the very day after the murder, he confessed to a colleague that he had taken not only the beaten man’s phone, but also his passport, knife and bank cards.

Another colleague said that in the barracks, Naumov showed him a new phone and offered to buy it the next day for six thousand rubles. And it was rejected.

One of the soldiers also said that Naumov was nervous after the fight and wondered what to do with the stolen items.

What did the court decide?

Private Naumov was found guilty of robbery articles and intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in death through negligence. The court sentenced him to a total of 14 years in a maximum security colony. In addition, the private must pay compensation to the family of the deceased in the amount of 210 thousand rubles for funeral expenses. and pay 800 thousand rubles to each of the sisters of the deceased.

Naumov, who has been detained since September 14, 2023, confessed to the beating that led to the death of the victim, but did not admit to the robbery. He stated that he attacked the man because of the insults and the conflict that broke out. According to the contract worker’s statement, the beaten man answered the phone “in anger” while he was unconscious.

The court also ordered that the stolen Realme smartphone be returned to the deceased’s sister and the bloody clothes be destroyed.

What are you thinking?

The Yekaterinburg Garrison Military Court sentenced a Russian Army contract soldier to 14 years in prison for robbery and beating a soldier of the Northern Military District, has learned. The soldier drank seven cans of Jaguar while walking with his colleagues and beat to death with his fists a man sleeping on a bench who refused to hand over his cheap smartphone.

Source: Gazeta


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