Eight thrillers that explore ‘Galician noir’

HE ‘Galician black’ This is fashion. New Netflix series ‘Clanes’ starring Clara Lago and Tamar NovasIt is the latest example of many productions choosing the north of Spain to develop an intense cinema experience. ‘income’It draws on its rich symbology of meigas and the wild Galician landscape with its steep cliffs and lush forests. Here, we review eight of those who know how to make the most of darkest Galicia.

1. ‘The mess you left’

Carlos MonteroHe co-created ‘Elite’ and brought his 2016 Primavera Novel Award-winning book, set in his native Galicia, to the big screen. Inma Cuesta and Barbara Lennie They star in this ‘thriller’ where secrets, hidden passions and the feeling of mourning combine with a mystery that needs to be solved: What happened to Viruca, a charismatic high school teacher full of light and shadow? Inside netflix.

2. ‘Rapa’

A grumpy literature professor with detective pretensions (Javier Camara) forms an odd couple with a meticulous undercover security guard (Monica Lopez) to solve the mayor’s murder Cedeira (A Coruña) in this series Movistar Plus+ From the creators of ‘Hierro’. There is a second season featuring the normally inaccessible Arsenal de Ferrol, and there will be a third.

3. ‘The taste of daisies’

Galicia’s regional television TVG series achieved international success with its premiere in 2011. netflix, where both seasons are available. The film, shot in Galician language, stars Civil Guard Lieutenant Rosa Vargas (Maria Mera) travels to the town of Muriás to solve the disappearance of a young woman who many believe has run away.

4. ‘Dry water’

co-production Galician-Portuguese It is fed from a distribution belonging to both countries. A woman decides to leave Lisbon to move to Vigo, where her brother was found dead. Everything points to it being a suicide, but neither he nor the investigator in charge of the case is very convinced. Inside HBO Maximum.

4. ‘Neboa’

TV series starring Emma Suarez Fueled by Galician mythology and legends. The game takes place on an invented island, the titular name of which is Neboa, where the corpse of a teenager appears immediately after death. entry (carnival). Popular belief relates the case to: urco, a man with a wolf head. Inside RTVE Play.

5. ‘Operation Black Wave’

Manager Daniel Calparsoro It recreates the true story of the first narco-submarine captured in Europe off the coast of Galicia. The mini-series tells the difficult journey of three crew members of a semi-submarine arriving from Brazil. Ahead is a young Galician (Alex González). Inside Amazon Prime Video.

6. ‘Fariña’

Adapted from the journalist’s book of the same name Nacho CarreteroInspired by true events, this film travels to Galicia in the 80s and depicts the rise of drug trafficking in the region throughout history. Minanco SiteThe character played by Javier Rey. There were multiple Galician actors in the cast, giving it extra realism. Available on Atresplayer Premium and Netflix.

7. ‘Live without permission’

The Galician coast is omnipresent in this Mediaset series created by. Aitor Gabilondo (“Prince”, “Homeland”). When the most powerful canned food businessman (José Coronado) learns that he has Alzheimer’s disease, a fight breaks out among his successors, including his children and his protégé, to seize the throne.Alex González).

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