It became clear which changes in sleep could indicate health problems 11:54

Scientists from the University of California at San Diego found that changes in sleep phenotype (indicators of sleep intermittency, duration, and quality) can signal diabetes and infectious diseases. Research results published at npj Digital Medicine (npjDigitMed).

In the study, data on the sleep patterns of 33 thousand people were examined. Scientists analyzed the quality, duration and intervals of subjects’ nighttime rest over more than 5 million nights using the Oura Ring, a smart ring that tracks heart rate, activity and temperature. The information obtained was then compared with changes in the participants’ health status.

Scientists have identified five main sleep phenotypes. The first, the “healthy” kind, involves about eight hours of continuous sleep for at least six consecutive days. People with the second sleep phenotype rested continuously for about half the night, followed by periods of less than three hours. Phenotype 3 involved predominantly uninterrupted sleep and one night of intermittent rest per week. People with the fourth phenotype sleep mostly continuously, but they also experience rare nights when long sleep is disrupted by awakenings. Phenotype number five is the rarest and is characterized by extremely disturbed sleep.

The results showed in the study that a change in phenotype often precedes the development of various pathologies such as diabetes, apnea, COVID-19 and influenza. The researchers hypothesized that the pattern and frequency of transitions between sleep phenotypes could provide a wealth of information regarding early diagnosis of diseases compared to determining an individual’s sleep phenotype alone.

Previous scientists to create New negative effects of sleep deprivation on brain functions.

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